Saturday, July 11, 2015

Why should I have a blog signature?

The main aim of signature is to let others know who you’re. The signature must reflect who you are and what you blog as much as any other visual part of your blog. How often do you get FREE prime ad space to say whatever you want about you? Creating a custom signature allows you to really show off your personal style and add some fun to your posts.

You can use this easy tool to create your own (but I highly recommend to ask your blog designer to make one for you) :

Now, I know is hard to remember to include the signature image every time you write a post... So, here is a little tutorial to make the signature appear automatically in your nexts posts.

I'd like to see your signatures!!


  1. Hola Oxana!
    I created one! I ended up doing it very differently but it worked- I had no idea you could even make a custom signature- mil gracias bella!
    Mundo de Pepita, Resources for Teaching Spanish to Children

  2. Ooh. I haven't really thought about having a blog signature. I guess I still have to create my own button. Thanks for the inspiration.


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