Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Working process: #1 Organization

I've been asked to write about my creative working process. This is the first post of a serie where I will try to explain how I work.

First step: Organization

I enjoy a lot this step. I'm a natural planner. Absolutely love to write "To-do" lists and make schedules. But this is not the main reason I do this step. Thing is I'm really busy, this is how goes a normal day to me:

5:00 am -Wake up, get my family ready to be in the school bus at 6:10 am. (You know, showers, breakfast, dressing, make up, kids being lazy and taking their time, me running, etc)

6:30 am - 2:30 pm - At work (I'm a full time PreK teacher)

2:30 pm- Get home, make lunch, help kids with their homework

about 6:00 -7:30 pm -Time for working on my projects (Includes a College Degree I'm taking, distance mode, Clipart and Teaching resources making, Blog and logo design, and writing in my blogs)

7:30 pm - Making dinner, clean the mess

8:30 pm -Go to bed (yes, I'm like a child, I need like 10 hours of sleep to be functional LOL)

So..... It's a lot

How do I do to work on my all projects in 1 and a half hour? Organization!

I use this little schedule + to do list to help me be fucus on what I have to do and don't forget anything:

I put myself deadlines every day to avoid procrastination. But sometimes there are incidentals that hinder me to finish that day's work. So, I write it on pendings and I work on it on sundays.

So, that's the big secret for me. I'd like to know how you get organized. Here is a blank page of my "Schedule + to-do List", please feel free to print it and use it for your own working process:



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