Friday, September 27, 2013

TeacherspayTeachers' Round logos How to

Are you having trouble with the TpT round logos? Do you need the exact size of the circle? Do you think you have no skills for design?
Well, this tutorial is for you!!

It includes visual aids on how to design your own round logo using a Power Point template.
Clic here to download the template for free
Have fun designing!!



 If you keep thinking "I can't do this" well,  you can ask me for a custom design for your round logo for just $5.00.

Did this tutorial help you? Do you like to change it anything? I'd love to know your comments!!


  1. Just made a logo using your tutorial. I love it! Thanks for the help:)
    Just could I remove the white background in the future?

    1. Thank you for reading! Actually is better with the white background for TpT. If you remove the background it will show a gray one and it doesn't look good.

  2. I really enjoyed this posting in which you share a valuable post. Thanks for sharing it.
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