Thursday, October 24, 2013

New logo and TpT banner design by me

I just made this logo and banner design for Joan from Kidz Count.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

How to personalize your facebook fanpage's tabs + a FREEBIE

I just personalized my facebook fanpage. I changed the front pic and the tabs. Look:

I get lots of questions about the tabs. How to install them and how can they be personalized. Actually is really easy:

First you need to find the apps you want to add and install them. I use one for my blog, my TpT store and my top fans.

Now you type the app name. I recommend these:

For the blog: NetworkedBlogs
For the stores: Add Page Tab
To create promotions and giveaways (Paid): Easypromos
For the fans: Fan of the week and Topfan

Install it:

 Just follow the directions they give there. They are very easy too.

Ok, with the tabs installed, now you need to design an image for the tab. It must be 111x74 pixels. You can download and use these for free:

Also, you can ask me for custom images for your facebook fanpage.

Now, go to your page, and:

Search for the image you want to insert.
... aaaaaand ......
I hope you find useful this mini tutorial. I'd like to see your facebook pages renewed.

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